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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 2PM - 7PM

Kindly read through the terms and conditions for the studio as it relates to ballet attire, Studio terms and dates, Payment agreements and other information


Ballet Attire

Grooming and looking the part is an important part of Ballet (and a great life skill).

Hair should be tied up in a bun and away from the face and eyes.

Dress Code for females: Leotards in plain colours may be worn, with flesh or pink ballet stockings and flesh on pink ballet shoes

Dress Code for males: may wear a white or black tank (vest) shirt, black dance shorts or tights and white socks, with black ballet shoes. Males will be required to wear a jock strap.

Ballet attire can be ordered from the studio


Studio Terms and Dates:

Term 1: 14 January to April 1st

Term 2: 15 April to 24 June

Term 3: 15 July to 23 September

Term 4: 14 October to 16 December

The studio will be closed during school holidays and public holidays.

In the event that the venue has an event on a Saturday an alternative venue will be

communicated with prior notice.


American Academy of Performance Awards Examinations

Dancers aged 6 and up may enter and dance for a medal. 

The cost of this is $37. This includes rented dance wear (not shoes or tights) and any extra group lessons. 

It excludes extra private lessons.

Royal Academy of Dance Examinations

For students who wish to do Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examinations please let me



We will have a year-end prize giving on the 16th of December 2023. 

Each child whose account is in good standing will receive a ballet certificate and gift.




 Pre- Junior Program 

1 class per week 

R400 per month

Recreational Programs 

(Junior & Senior) 

1 class per week 

R450 per month 

 Junior Program

 Classes per week: 

1 = R450 per month 

2 = R500 per month  


1 class per week

 = R450 per month 

Junior Aspirant Program 

Classes per week: 

1 = R450 per month 

2 = R500 per month 

3 = R550 per month 

*Body Conditioning included when signing up for 3 classes per week.

 Senior Aspirant Program 

Classes per week: 

1 = R500 per month 

2 = R550 per month 

3 = R600 per month 

*Pointe work and Body Conditioning included when signing up for 3 classes per week.

Competition Team 

*R1500 registration per year 

This covers team jacket, entry fees for 1 group or 1 solo item per competition, as well as costumes. 

* If a dancer wishes to enter more solos/duets/trios, an extra fee will be applicable to cover entry and costume rental.

EFT payments must be made by the 10th of each month (unless arranged otherwise)

Cash payments must be made by no later than the 2nd Saturday of each month, envelops will be provided.

An unpaid account will result in a child’s classes being placed on hold until the outstanding account has been settled.

A late payment fee of R200 will be applicable for any fees unpaid after 7 days

Other Information

If your child is ill, please allow them to recuperate at home.

Please wait QUIETLY and respectfully if you come to watch. We will have dedicated watching days

for parents, grandparents and siblings to come and watch. Parents will not be allowed to watch

every lesson as this can be distracting to the dancers, and not everyone’s mommy and daddy can

make it every week and this can upset the dancers when their parent is not there.

Whilst every reasonable caution is taken, Beyond the Barre nor its staff cannot be held liable for

any accident or injury sustained during class time or at any of our venues.

Please be prompt when fetching your dancer.

Remember to switch all phones to silent mode during classes

Please show an interest in your child’s progress, we all need emotional support and encouragement.

Coming to dance should be their pleasure, not only ours as parents and teachers.

Parent teacher discussions are very welcome but must be held out of class time.

No eating or toys permitted during class time

Drinking water is THE BEST, bring along a bottle of water.

Neither I nor the venue are responsible for forgotten items or lost property.

Teach your dancer to pack EVERYTHING in their ballet bags.

Mark all items clearly with your child’s name/initials.

Anything that is not marked will be donated to charity

Please take care that you leave all areas (especially the bathroom) better than you found them

Private lessons may be necessary for students when 3 classes are missed and catch up is needed.

These will be a further R200 per half hour.

Should there be less than 6 students per class we reserve the right to make necessary timetable and

venue changes and will try our best to accommodate all.

Choreography, music and syllabus work fall under the banner of “intellectual property’ of the

affiliated organisation. Therefore, permission is required to use these copyright items.

To uphold the reputation of the studio, Beyond the Barre dancers also require permission, assistance,

advice and approval to dance at other public events or competitions.

DVD’s and photographs taken for the use of press or advertising are the property of Dance. Inc. and

your signature below gives us permission to use images of your child in our media and press releases