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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 2PM - 7PM

About BTB

Beyond the Barre is a studio with a heart for children and making dreams come true. Our mission is to bring quality dance training at affordable rates to the West Rand community.

We run Ballet classes for ages two to adults. We also offer
Contemporary classes from ages 6 to adults.

Our contemporary classes are based on the Rambert Grades
training style which promotes musicality, mobility, and
expressive movement.
Our program is designed to suit the needs of classical ballet
and non-classical students who are unable to attend full time daily dance training from an early age. We encourage
all our classical students to attend the contemporary dance
classes as contemporary dance is a major part of most dance
companies and adds to a dancer’s versatility.
Our dancers compete in Eisteddfods and
Competitions throughout the year where students
can earn provincial and national colours, as well as
grace the stage at the Roodepoort Theatre in our
annual theatre productions.

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